We assist you throughout your commercial deals, relationships and business practices

, to help you build your projects, make them grow, and solve issues that may arise.

Dispute resolution

Litigation pertaining to the performance and termination of commercial contracts and distribution agreements

Disputes within and between distribution networks

Disputes pertaining to unfair competition, economic free riding, restrictive competitive practices

delisting, sudden discontinuation of business relationship, and abuse of economic dependence, etc.

Disputes relating to product defects and industrial accidents

Consumer law disputes


Commercial and industrial contracts

drafting contracts with partners, suppliers, service providers, clients, and subcontractors

Distribution agreements

drafting all agreements with distributors (sales agencies, concessions, distribution, franchises, and brokerage, etc.)

Distribution networks

creation, set-up, monitoring, auditing, and reorganization of networks

Business practices

general terms and conditions of sale, invoicing, payment terms, advertising and promotion, and commercial cooperation, etc.

Customer relations

drafting of B2C general terms and conditions of sale (brick-and-mortar or online), advice on unfair terms, regulations on sales, and consumer disclosures, etc.

Selected matters

Dispute resolution

  • Defended an industrial products distributor facing a complaint about the quality of delivered products and the various proceedings commenced against it by an industrial client (court-ordered investigations, suit enforcing warranty against hidden defects, warranty claims against manufacturer located in the United Arab Emirates).
  • Defended the network operator acting in the betting industry in various commercial disputes with its retail distributors.
  • Defended a construction firm in a dispute with its shipping agent (delays in delivery, liability, and damages).
  • Assisted an industrial raw materials distributor in the context of court proceedings involving for hidden defects and, in the alternative, seller’s fraud.
  • Defense of companiesprosecuted for sudden or abusive breach of established commercial relations.


  • Assisted a company with creating and setting-up its franchise network (photo sector): drafted and negotiated the franchise agreements with US and Hong Kong franchisees.
  • Advised a distribution network (betting sector) as part of the reorganization of its network of intermediaries and the corresponding implementation of their exit from the network.
  • Advised a services company specialized in remote home assistance: drafted general terms and conditions of sale, ensured compliance of commercial documents aimed at consumers with consumer protection regulations (unfair terms, mail order, and online sales, etc.) subsequent to a warning issued by a consumer organization.
  • Advised an importer/distributor of wood for housing: drafted partnership agreements with a Portuguese manufacturer for the distribution of its products in a French retail chain.
  • Advised a cosmetics manufacturing and distribution company: drafted cosmetic design and manufacturing agreement to be negotiated with the laboratory.
  • Advised an agency specialized in Youtuber promotion: drafting of partnership agreements with Youtubers (contracts for video advertising space sales, promotional campaigns, and derivative products), advertising departments and advertisers.
  • Support for companies in the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases and related issues.