Technical expertise, thoroughness, and creativity drive the counsel we offer to the companies and corporate executives we advise and defend.

Advisory Services

Collective bargaining and workplace relations

Drafting of company-wide agreements, prevention of health, safety and security risks and psychosocial risks, organization of professional elections, management of relations with staff representatives, and support in workplace conflicts.

Restructurings and company transfers

Disclosure to employee representatives, support during site closures, assisting potential buyers, managing employment agreement transfers, and harmonizing applicable company-wide agreements.

Individual relations

Assisting with recruitments, drafting employment agreements, advice on disciplinary procedures and employee assessments, management of international mobility and special situations such as staff secondments, and support in all types of employment agreement terminations.

Individual disputes


Defending the interests of large French and international groups before all civil courts, in all areas of labor law including dismissal disputes, co-employment and harassment, and in criminal labor law matters.

Executives managers and corporate officers

Support in severance pay negotiations, amicable resolution of disputes, and representation before civil courts.

Collective litigation

Defending employer interests

in all areas of collective litigation including challenges to serious risk expert reports, litigation pertaining to the right to strike and failure to consult with employee representatives.

Selected representations
  • Defended the interests of a large French group which is partly owned by the French State in the context of expert reports on serious risks and major projects voted on by its Health, Safety and Working Conditions.
  • Represented a film production company in a co-employment dispute.
  • Managed a labor dispute within a large French cleaning company.
  • Negotiated severance payments for senior managers in the banking sector.
  • Labor disputes of various foreign state representative offices located in France.
  • Put in place employee representation arrangements for a telecommunications company.
  • Defended the interests of a large French group which is partly owned by the French State before criminal courts in an obstruction case.