Our negotiation and courtroom expertise are here to support heirs, those owning property

as joint owners, and companies to achieve rapid and durable conflict resolution.

Estate and Equity Litigation

The firm regularly acts in settling inheritance disputes

in which rights over the control and/or capital of commercial and civil companies are involved, including:

  • Dismemberment of the ownership of shares or units: usufructuary’s right to dividends, protection of bare owner’s rights in a business management context;
  • Approving heirs as shareholders or partners;
  • Takeover and governance between branches of a family.

« Classic » estate litigation

Estate settlement

involvement with civil-law notaries responsible for estate administration and distributions;

Disputes between joint-owners

regarding the management of joint inheritances and other jointly-owned property, actions to auction/distribute jointly-owned property;

Disputes between heirs and surviving spouses;

Actions contesting the distribution of an estate commenced by heirs that cannot be disinherited.

Selected representations
  • Defended a group of companies in a large-scale dispute between the heirs and the surviving spouse of the group’s CEO.
  • Defended a bare owner in the context of estate settlement issues involving a  usufructuary who was a surviving spouse.
  • Assisted with court ordered distribution of real estate.
  • Defended heirs’ interests in the context of an action contesting the distribution of an estate commenced by heirs that cannot be disinherited, which was initiated by biological children.