Our expertise enables us to assist policy holders, insurance providers

, and reinsurance companies with their insurance-related disputes (contracts, civil liability, fraud, damages), starting with appraisals and through to proceedings on the merits.

Insurance Reinsurance

Assessment of legal risks arising from casualties

Insurance policy analysis to determine possible remedies

Assistance in insurance coverage disputes (coverage over time, exclusions, disqualification, statute of limitations, etc.) and subrogation actions

  • Civil, general, and professional liability, D&O, product defects
  • Fraud
  • Damages


Life insurance

subscription, management, unwinding, regulatory

Non-life insurance


Selected representations

Life Insurance

  • Defending life insurance companies in various types of litigation following the exercise of termination provisions by policy holders. The firm was at the forefront of a key ruling by the French Supreme Court (2nd Civ. Cass., May 19th, 2016), which holds that only subscribers acting in good faith may invoke extended termination rights.
  • Assisted a life insurance company that was a victim of massive fraud by an insurance intermediary in filing a complaint against the fraudsters to recover the full amount of the ordered payment in France and abroad (Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Greece).
  • Assisted a leading French life insurance provider in a dispute with its reinsurance providers on the interpretation of certain regulatory and contractual provisions relating to the fate of  financial products caused by certain regulatory provisions.
  • Provided recommendations to a life insurance company regarding voluntary joinder in proceedings before the Court of Cassation in which a policy holder requested that a request for a priority preliminary ruling on constitutionality be sent to the Constitutional Court and assisted with the proceedings.
  • Drafted a memorandum for a life insurance agent following the enactment of the Ekert Law on escheated life insurance contracts.
  • Revised contracts for delegating and pledging life insurance policies for a life insurance company.

Non-life insurance and reinsurance

  • Advised a reinsurer on how to follow up on claims filed by a second-level reinsurer based on a reinsurance agreement and prepared a commutation agreement.
  • Assisted a publicly-traded company in the framework of claims under a D&O policy (online insurance program) and with court proceedings in France to obtain the payment by insurers of fees and expenses incurred to defend its interests in court proceedings against it in the United States.
  • Analyzed a civil liability insurance policy and filed a warranty claim against an insurer which refuses liability for coverage but which is codirecting the proceedings.
  • Assisted a helicopter rental and maintenance company in a civil liability suit following a helicopter accident in which three individuals died and two were injured.
  • Assisted a component manufacturer following numerous accidents resulting in a recall campaign. Analyzed the duration of coverage and represented the manufacture in fighting customers’ claims and in initiating claims against the insurers.
  • Analyzed a D&O policy in view of making claims under the policy and handling related court proceedings.
  • Monitoring counsel for an insurance company in a case involving serial casualties leading to several hundred claims.
  • Obtained insurance agent liability for inadequate advice.