Our expertise covers corporate finance disputes

, including shareholder conflicts and enforcement of guarantees, and litigation involving company law.

Acquisitions and investments

Disputes relating to breakdowns in negotiations,

enforcement of letters of intent and other preliminary arrangements, the enforcement of pre-closing protocols, and unilateral commitments.

Post-acquisition disputes

performance of share purchase agreements, determination and payment of purchase price and purchase price adjustments, enforcement of seller’s warranty and shareholder agreements, etc.

Shareholding and corporate management

Shareholder conflicts

majority/minority, investment fund/founder.

Director and officer liability (civil and criminal)

Challenging the operations of general shareholders’ meetings

and other corporate bodies and their decisions (regularity of meeting notices, abuse of majority or minority position, and appointment of ad hoc administrators and experts.

Selected representations
  • Assisted an investment fund in a dispute between a target company and its founders after withdrawal from an acquisition transaction (performance of the share purchase agreement, civil liability action).
  • Defended in court the interests of a minority shareholder of a group of companies in the fashion industry (liability of the executive officer, challenged the accounts, challenged an M&A transaction, contested a trademark assignment, initiated actions for payment for services rendered and for the termination of established commercial relations).
  • Supported the majority shareholders and managers of a hotel management group in a dispute with one of its executives, a minority shareholder: preparatory analysis of the minority shareholder’s position in group companies and the articles of association and shareholder agreements, prepared shareholders’ meetings for dismissals, defined a strategy for share purchases and the exit of the minority shareholder.
  • Assisted numerous companies, both buyers and sellers, in the implementation of sellers’ warranties.
  • Assisted a leading European engineering consulting firm in various liability actions by the sellers of companies seeking earn-out payments.
  • Assisted a group of minority shareholders who challenged the implementation of a drag-along provision of a shareholders’ agreement.
  • Assisted a Swiss holding company dispossessed of its equity investment in a French company by the majority shareholding chief executive of the French company (recovery action).
  • Represented the selling shareholders of a group of companies involved in a civil liability suit for seller’s fraud.