We support companies, executives, shareholders, and employees whether they are a witness, civil party to a criminal proceeding, under formal investigation or a defendant.

White collar crime, general and specific criminal law

Individual and company defense

Accused or victims of all types of white collar, general and special criminal law offenses, including misuse of corporate assets, breach of trust, criminal bankruptcy and similar offenses, favoritism, money laundering, receiving, fraudulent obtaining, presentation of in accurate financial statements, violations of labor law, counterfeiting, and press offenses (defamation, insult), etc.

Involvement at all stages of proceedings

complaints, launching civil actions within criminal proceedings, preliminary investigations, voluntary testimony before court, policy custody, judicial investigation, trials and appeals.

Administrative and disciplinary sanction proceedings

Defense of accused individuals and companies

in the context of administrative or disciplinary sanction proceedings, notably by the French Financial Markets Authority’s (AMF) Disciplinary Committee (dissemination of false or misleading information, and insider trading, etc.).

Selected representations
  • Defended an engineering consulting company accused of forgery and use of forged instruments, dissemination of misleading information and presentation of inaccurate financial statements, at the judicial investigation phase and before the criminal court.
  • Defended the interests of a US company which acquired a French toy-manufacturing group. The US company joined the criminal procedure as a civil party in the framework of a complex judicial investigation opened against the group’s former directors for conduct liable to be charged as abuse of corporate assets, receiving and money laundering.
  • Defended a hotel company prosecuted in criminal court in connection with a serious workplace accident.
  • Assisted and defended numerous foreign nationals (as either victims or defendants in general criminal offenses of theft, fraud, violence, and sexual crimes) during the investigation phase and in the criminal courts at the request of their embassies.
  • Defended the sellers of a tourism company who were accused by one of the buyers of forgery, use of forged instruments, and fraud.
  • Assisted and defended before the investigating court and the criminal court the interests of a subsidiary of a telecoms operator which launched a civil action within a criminal proceeding in connection with offenses tied to the fraudulent reception of programs broadcast to a restricted subscriber audience.
  • Defended an executive accused in the framework of a judicial investigation opened subsequent to a complaint claiming obtaining/attempted obtaining under false pretenses in connection with the financing terms of an acquisition.
  • Defended before the French Financial Markets Authority’s (AMF) Sanctions Commission an issuer and its officer accused of dissemination of misleading information and failing to provide equal access to information.
  • Assisted an individual before the French Financial Markets Authority’s (AMF) Board of Inquiry who was involved in a transaction liable to qualify as insider trading and price manipulation.