Our expertise covers

financial and banking disputes

, and defense in the context of investigations or proceedings initiated by regulatory authorities (French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR)).


Assistance with resolving difficulties

encountered during complex financial and banking transactions, which requires perfect knowledge of financial and banking mechanisms.

Assistance with disputes

in the framework of banking institution liability claims, irrespective of the type of transaction (e.g., account transactions, Dailly, swaps, etc.).

Assistance in the context of investigations carried out by regulatory authorities

(e.g., French Financial Markets Authority (AMF), French Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority (ACPR)) and representation during prosecutions commenced by such authorities.

Selected representations
  • Seeking the liability of banking institutions for their failure to comply with the management mandate entrusted by an investor and for the lack of vigilance (fraud by the President) and assistance with claims against cash transporters and tele-surveillance firms after multiple branch robberies using cars as battering rams.
  • Seeking the liability of a credit institution due to its negligence in safeguarding Dailly guarantees attributed a creditor and causing the creditor to lose its ranking as a privileged creditor in an insolvency proceeding.
  • Represented a financial institution in the context of the performance of an interest rate swap agreement, in which the borrower disputed the interest calculations.
  • Defended an international football association sued by a company engaged in lending to and assisting football clubs which accused the association of taking a rules-based measure prohibiting players’ third-party ownership. The legality of the company’s banking activities was being challenged.
  • Assisted a company sued for allegedly causing a former executive and his partners to lose the opportunity to publicly list their company due to a criminal complaint it filed against the former executive.
  • Assisted a hospital group with renegotiating its borrowings with a pool of banks.