We assist you in all disputes concerning the internet, press and media law, and telecommunications.

Internet Media Telecoms


By introducing a multitude of new services and intensifying the use of social networks, the connected economy has profoundly disrupted the classic legal approach and imposed new rules of the game on all economic actors.

These new rules and practices now deeply permeate all sectors of the economy.

Directly aligned with its clients’ operational needs, the firm has naturally guided its clients throughout new forms of disputes that require the implementation of specific procedural techniques.

We are very regularly involved in claims relating to:

  • breaches of information systems carried out through the internet (cyberattacks);
  • damage to our individual and corporate clients’ reputations (identity theft, racial hatred, defamation, private correspondence, etc.);
  • liability actions arising from the poor performance of internet-related services (website creation, application designs, etc.);
  • liability of hosts and publishers;
  • processing and transfer of personal data.


The firm counts among its historical clients many players in the media world (press and film), whose pre-litigation and litigation issues require in-depth knowledge of a specific, complex, and fulsome legal environment.

We assist our producer, distributor, and broadcaster clients with issues that are specific to their respective industries, such as:

  • disputes relating to the production of feature films (termination of acting agreements, royalties disputes, etc.);
  • administrative disputes relating to the financing of cinematographic works (e.g., proceedings before the French National Center for Film and Moving Images (CNC));
  • distribution litigation (defense during interlocutory proceedings aimed at obtaining a prohibition on the distribution of cinematographic works).

We also assist our clients in all matters relating to press and media law, particularly in cases of defamation and comparative advertising.

We also act when our clients wish to exercise their right of reply or if they consider their right to privacy has been violated or that their reputation has been damaged.


The opening up to competition has permanently changed the face of the telecoms sector. The convergence also made its mark by shaking up traditional power relationships. Technologies, commercial offers, content: the challenge of change is ubiquitous.

Whether they are telephone operators or telecommunication networks, we assist our telecoms clients with all their disputes arising from these revolutions: competition, concentrations and external growth, technical challenges, and distribution contracts, etc.

Selected representations
  • Represented a listed company in a defamation and insider trading suit relating to the dissemination of messages on a specialized stock exchange website (identifying the web users, civil and criminal prosecution).
  • Assisted several companies in the context of the poor performance of service contracts related to website set-up.
  • Assisted a company in the context of denigration and deceptive practices relating to its food products carried out by an electronic platform operator via an application delivering a ranking and grading of the food products listed on the application.