We defend your interests in all types of

real estate and construction disputes

, starting with appraisals and in proceedings on the merits.

Real Estate Disputes

Commercial leases

amicable termination (prior notice) or legal termination, renewals, rent review (uncapping and indexing), eviction compensation, recovery proceedings, liability claims (works, impaired enjoyment, loss of use, court-ordered surveys, etc.)

Real estate ownership

disputes involving preliminary agreements (specific enforcement of preliminary sales agreements, defending the implementation of reservation fees, Carrez law, etc.)
Disputes of co-owners (challenges of general meeting decisions, management of damage etc.)

Non-trading real estate company

shareholder disputes, approvals, manager control, dismemberment of share ownership, reimbursement of shareholder current accounts, etc.

Construction Disputes

Contractual litigation

performance of works contracts, off-plan sales and leases, claims, late payment penalties, and acceptance, etc.)

Builder’s warranty

liability and warranty claims, court-ordered surveys), poor workmanship arising before and after acceptance, etc.


construction insurance, post-acceptance construction insurance, etc.

Selected representations
  • Assisted and defended a lessee in a dispute over the construction of a 40,000m2 complex comprised of a head office and industrial premises, including enforcement of late performance compensation provisions and obtaining a court-ordered evaluation of defects and bad workmanship.
  • Representation in court of a contract owner in litigation relating to the construction and renovation of a tourist residence.
  • Representation in court for a lessee exploiting a premises located in a shopping center in a dispute with the landlord, including with respect to an application for legal termination of the lease, defense of non-performance and compensation for commercial disruption and losses suffered due to the lessor’s breach of its delivery obligations.
  • Assistance and court representation in several compulsory sales of real estate assets.